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Paul & Kate

We are clinician-scientists, digital entrepreneurs, technical experts, industry consultants, peer educators and professional leaders with a mission to improve eye care delivery worldwide by supporting optometrists’ clinical knowledge and processes.

With almost 50 years of combined experience in all facets of optometry, we know our profession from clinical practice through to bespoke contact lens design.

An industry leaders and forward thinkers, we ask the right questions and build evidence based, engaging and comprehensive solutions to improve optometric patient care across the globe.

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Our Projects

Myopia Profile

The go-to information resource on clinical myopia management for eye care professionals – featuring the latest research, clinical advice, skills tutorials and downloadable resources.

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Cloud-based software revolutionising contact lens fitting with patent-pending machine learning algorithms.

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My Kids Vision

A public health awareness tool featuring a risk factor survey, information on myopia and treatment options designed for parents of children with myopia.

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"Paul and Kate...You are so much on the cutting edge of the fight against the disease of myopia. And you, by your actions and words inspire us to join in the battle with you! You demand that we not just be satisfied by what we know, but to question that and search for more. You both are doing and creating something here much larger than just myopia awareness - thank you both so very much!"

— PP, Optometrist
Georgia, USA.

"Kate - I love how you are so easily accessible and willing to help. I've been interested in myopia control for a while but didn't know how to start. After attending your lecture, it has opened up a whole new world and so many resources. The people on the Myopia Profile Facebook Group are fantastic too. So thank you so much!"

— RK, Optometrist
Buckinghamshire, England.

"As a recent graduate, I'm ecstatic to have access to such a great resource in an easy to digest format, on the Eyefit website. Now I'm patiently awaiting the full Eyefit e-book.... I'll share this with my peers"

— CZ, Optometrist
Sydney, Australia

"Your contributions are just invaluable. I don't think you get enough praise and thanks for the [Myopia Profile] resources you've provided and facilitated sharing of! All top notch. Thank you so, so much again!"

— AY, Optometry Student
London, England

"Brilliant Kate, thanks! Your binocular vision [Youtube] videos have given me heaps more confidence."

— NL, Optometrist
New Zealand

Clinical Research

Drawing the strong paediatric and contact lens wearing patient base of our practice, we work in partnership with industry and universities on novel contact lens design and clinical science projects.  

What we do

Industry Consulting

Paul has unique experience in specialty contact lens design, lab manufacturing systems including implementing new lathe software and authoring lathe files, and designing innovative software solutions to assist communication between lab and practitioner. Paul’s work also includes applying cutting edge machine learning algorithms to streamline and simplify contact lens fitting for practitioners.

Peer Education

Through the website www.myopiaprofile.com, and with over 150 conference lectures and 90 professional and peer reviewed publications combined, Paul and Kate are renowned peer educators. Kate’s popular peer discussion Facebook group ‘Myopia Profile’ engages over 3500 clinicians from more than 30 countries in learning about clinical cases, the latest research and industry innovations in myopia management, with more than 40,000 views per month.

Clinical Solutions

Revolutionary, research driven and iteratively tested in collaboration with the target audience, Paul and Kate design novel software and hard copy download solutions to improve the scope and efficiency of paediatric vision care and contact lens fitting, with application across the world. These solutions have been readily translated to several languages, and made regionally relevant, throughout the design process.

Optometric Research

With a strong paediatric and contact lens wearing patient base at our Brisbane independent practice, Gerry & Johnson Optometrists, we work in partnership with industry and universities on novel contact lens design and clinical science projects. Investigating both translational and basic science research questions informs our work in peer education and clinical solutions design, ensuring relevance and dissemination.

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