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Our Projects

Myopia Profile

The go-to information resource on clinical myopia management for eye care professionals – featuring the latest research, clinical advice, skills tutorials and downloadable resources.

Carefully curated discussion group of early adopter myopia managing clinicians and students; covering research, industry innovations and clinical cases with almost 3500 engaged members from over 40 countries.

Educational videos on managing myopia for eye care practitioners and students. Currently has over 300 subscribers and more than 12 000 total views.


Revolutionising contact lens fitting with patent-pending machine learning algorithms – Eyefit is a cloud-based software partnership between Dr Paul Gifford and 3CS Software developing novel tools to assist clinical contact lens fitting.

My Kids Vision

A public health awareness tool featuring a risk factor survey, information on myopia and treatment options designed for parents of children with myopia. Actively used in clinical practice, with over 50% of views occurring in the USA. Designed in partnership with 3CS Software.